Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spring is here !! At Last! Hurrah I hear! During this season right about now and throughout the year we really get going with the turfing side and Lawn care side as there is high demand for this, but with times being as they are, how about an alternative? our team is brimming with knowledge and experience in creating you a better lawn and the best thing is, we can work with you to your budget with our TLC (Tender Lawn Care Packages)to achieve a better lawn for you and your home. Lets Get Going, if you leave it one more year, your lawn, you and ourselves will be another year older so lets get to it. Contractors, need advice, blog us here coz we here aaaaaaall year. Keeping London Green with the AGS Team :0) Blessings world and peace, apart from the power tools ;0) JC!
What advice can we give you as Grounds maintenance contractors or customers to give your garden the best start for 2013. Be the first to use this page for gardening advice or ask us to come and take a look if of course we are in your area, but if its advice you need you can ask from anywhere around the worl, if you fancy reopening your window boxes to the hanging gardens of Babylon down the Holy Lands way, we will advise you :o) "You call we haul" Try our advice blog out
Spring is here annd the AGS team are out in force Keeping England Green is the AGS team :o) If your grounds need bringing back to higher standards you need the All Gardening Services Team to make your grounds green. How can we help you?? Your sincerely James Collins
Keeping England Green is the AGS Team Happy spring here we are again. Lots of exciting programmes here again for 2013 to invigorate your grounds. Let us see what we can do for you, we are sure your Grounds need us. Get in your garden and enjoy or give us a call to see how we can help you if you leave it one more year the garden will be another year older when we start, oh, and so will we he he. Happy Gardening JC :o)